Welcome to MagnaDrive

MagnaDrive Corporation was founded in 1999, and is based in Woodinville, WA. The company's breakthrough magnetic technology provides a cost effective solution to increase reliability and lower maintenance expense while achieving energy savings and process control. The impact and potential of MagnaDrive's worldwide patent protected technology has been widely recognized. MagnaDrive offers a family of products to accomplish a broad range of operating objectives: Reliability, Speed Control, Torque Management, Cushioned Start, Vibration Control, Misalignment Tolerance and Reduced Energy Consumption.

MagnaDrive couplings and Adjustable Speed Drives replace the physical connection between motor and load with a gap of air. This air gap eliminates harmful vibration, wear and tear, enhances energy efficiency, increases motor life and protects equipment from overload damage. The motor and load are completely disconnected. What this disconnection accomplishes is lower total cost of ownership with increased seal and bearing life, cushioned start/stop, vibration elimination between the motor and the load, allowing misalignment increased seal and bearing life, all of this with a reduction in energy consumption.

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