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Chevron Corporation



Chevron – Oil Tanker (“Vega Voyager”)


Oil & Gas


Because the oil tanker’s structure flexes while at sea, misalignment between the pump and its motor caused accelerated wear on the bearings and mechanical seals. This also caused vibration-related problems on the pump end.

The Solution

  • MagnaDrive installed a VTX-07 coupling on the oil transfer pump while the Vega Voyager was in port for routine service
  • Chevron noted at this time that they were replacing the system’s mechanical seals at least twice a year.

The Results

  • After the removal of the disc coupling and installation of the VTX-07, Chevron’s vibration expert measured a 75% decrease in system vibration.
  • The seals and bearings no longer needed replacement multiple times per year; Chevron’s annual maintenance costs for the system were reduced from $16,946 with the disc couplings to only $1,523 with the VTX-07 from MagnaDrive.