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National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) India


Power Generation


Each pump was continuously drawing 136 kW, which was more than the motor’s rated power and pump brake horsepower at the design point.

The Solution

  • NTPC accepted the recommendations from MagnaDrive’s partner in India, AVJ Engineering, and placed an order for a MagnaDrive 17.0S FGC E-Max.

The Results

  • MagnaDrive estimated 10 to 15% in energy reduction and an operating capacity for the pumps closer to the design condition.
  • After the E-Max coupling was installed, energy use was reduced from 135.61 KW down to 113.54 KW, a savings of 22 KW (16% savings).
  • Vibration levels were decreased by 73%

Parameters System


Before MagnaDrive E-Max

After MagnaDrive E-Max

Vibration MNDE

Mm/s Pk

(H) 2.2

(V) 3.2

(A) 2.4  

(H) 1.0

(V) 1.1

(A) 1.1

Vibration MDE

Mm/s Pk

(H) 4.8

(V) 4.4

(A)  -.-

(H) 2.1

(V) 1.2

(A)  -.- 

Vibration PDE

Mm/s Pk

(H) 15

(V) 10

(A) n/a

(H) 5.6

(V) 4.8

(A)  -.-

Vibration PNDE

Mm/s Pk

(H) 5.0

(V) 5.8

(A) 4.0

(H) 2.3

(V) 4.0

(A) 3.0

Power Generation
Case Study PG-001