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MagnaDrive Introduces ASD-SSD

MagnaDrive recently introduced the ASD-SSD  for belt-driven applications. The product was first introduced as a retrofit solution to accommodate federal regulations and market conditions found in complex industrial applications such as gas compressor air cooling fans, centrifugal process fans and centrifugal pumps. The MagnaDrive ASD-SSD delivers performance and efficiency improvements through rare earth magnets and

Magnetic Performance in the Municipal Industry

In the municipal industry, engineers regularly troubleshoot a variety of different pumps including centrifugal, water, sewage, and slurry. If this equipment fails, maintenance crews spend extra time, money, and resources to get the equipment back up and running. In the following municipal applications, these various pumps were enhanced with the addition of water-cooled ASDs provided

Magnetic Performance in the Metallurgical Industry

Coking, sintering, puddling, steel production, power, and rolling/plating are all processes utilized in the metallurgical industry. Here, engineers troubleshoot circulating fans, wastewater systems, conveyor belts, blowers, and a variety of different pumps to ensure production runs smoothly. When it doesn’t, these organizations reach out to suppliers that can offer equipment upgrades and energy efficient products.

Underground Upgrades

Components utilized in mining applications continuously cope with one of the harshest working environments on the planet. These are areas where pumps, conveyors, fans, motors and mills need to run as efficiently as possible. In order to succeed in mining, you need to provide a sustainable operation by reducing energy costs and downtime. The following

Troubleshooting HVAC Operations

Mechanical systems providing thermal comfort and air quality fall under the category of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning). These systems include central air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, boilers, rooftop units, and chillers. Like any other mechanical unit, HVAC components need to be maintained and/or replaced in order to keep the system running to its full

MagnaDrive Upgrades Three Power Generation Applications

MagnaDrive offered MGTL couplings for Minnesota Power’s air pre-heaters as well as a conveyor drive system in San Antonio. The company suggested E-Max couplings for a pump system in India. In all three cases, vibration was significantly reduced and the components benefitted from increased energy savings and value-added features. Learn more about each case study

MagnaDrive Upgrades Three Paper and Pulp Applications

The paper and pulp industry has been thriving and will continue to do so in the coming years as innovation and technology helps to meet the changing demands of this unique manufacturing segment. Improving operational efficiency while minimizing costs is paramount when it comes to paper and pulp applications.  The components used in these applications

MagnaDrive Upgrades Water/Wastewater Applications

Improving operational efficiency while minimizing costs is paramount when it comes to water and wastewater applications.  The components used in these applications face strict regulations, aging infrastructure, and in many cases high-energy consumption. MagnaDrive offered couplings to replace an entire belt system for the first example and adjustable speed drives (ASDs) for pumps in two

Condition Monitoring with MagnaDrive: Advantages of IIoT in 2020

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is how the Internet is emerging in the physical world. Smart manufacturing tools (sensors, software, monitoring devices) allow today’s industrial products to create, measure and optimize potential outcomes. This can improve areas such as energy efficiency as well as energy costs.  MagnaDrive provides some of these tools with its

Engineering Assessment: Consultation Service Provides Magnetic Coupling Options for Medical Manufacturer

Custom designs and prototypes continue to play a significant role in the mechanical power transmission market. As the applications continually evolve, MagnaDrive provides an in-depth, analysis, simulation, prototype, testing and consultation service to meet the changing demands of their customers. The company recently worked with a large medical device manufacturer to examine the feasibility of