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Condition Monitoring with MagnaDrive II: MagnaDrive and Drive & Coupling Solutions collaborated on an IIoT solution

In our last entry, we examined the role smart manufacturing tools (sensors, software, monitoring devices) allow today’s industrial products to create, measure and optimize potential outcomes. This can improve areas such as energy efficiency as well as energy costs. Today, we’ll examine a real-world application where IIoT solutions were put in place. Drive & Coupling

Engineering Assessment: Consultation Service Provides Magnetic Coupling Options for Medical Manufacturer

Custom designs and prototypes continue to play a significant role in the mechanical power transmission market. As the applications continually evolve, MagnaDrive provides an in-depth, analysis, simulation, prototype, testing and consultation service to meet the changing demands of their customers. The company recently worked with a large medical device manufacturer to examine the feasibility of

Preventing Downtime on a BP Coke Cooling Drum, MagnaDrive Reduces Vibration and Increases Efficiency for Unique Oil & Gas Application

Petroleum coke production is an important source of revenue in the oil and gas industry. Coke drums are used to separate petroleum coke from lighter hydrocarbons. Many drums have reliability problems that can cause shutdowns and affect productivity. Components that can successfully run with severe misalignment without having impact on motor/gearbox vibration are crucial for

Solve your high vibration problems with MagnaDrives new Synchra magnet to magnet non-slip couplings

SYNCHRA is targeted primarily for maintenance intensive applications and includes high speed rotating equipment. The SYNCHRA is a magnet to magnet high performance non-slip and non-contact magnetic coupling. The highest power to size ratio of all of MagnaDrive’s product offerings, it is designed for up to 1500 HP applications. SYNCHRA introduces many benefits versus other

Motor Couplings Solve Problems Other Couplings Cannot

Not every design calls for a MagnaDrive motor coupling – but you will know when yours does. MagnaDrive products use a proprietary and patented magnetic process for torque transfer, centered around our own high-power Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets. They are mounted on either side of the motor shaft, with an air gap in between. By varying the